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    About Our Community

    VIP Industries is one of the largest sheltered workshops in the state of Missouri and serves two counties, Cape Girardeau and Bollinger, along with parts of Stoddard and Scott county. We have a growing workforce of over 175 staff and employees, who work at our three production facilities located in Cape Girardeau, Fruitland, and Marble Hill, Missouri. Read More
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    Protect Sheltered Workshops

    Missouri AID has started the online petition "Protect Sheltered Workshops" and needs your help. Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? No matter where you live, sheltered workshops need your support throughout the United States. Here's the link: Protect Sheltered Workshops (Note: If you are having difficulty accessing the online petition, please try again using a different Internet browser. Internet Explorer users have reported difficulty with accessing the change.org website, but were successful with FireFox or Google Chrome. We apologize for the inconvenience.)Here's why it's important . . . Read More
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    Relay for Life

    The Relay for Life started in 1985 as a fundraising campaign for the American Cancer Society. Since then, Relay has evolved into a worldwide volunteer-driven fundraising event which raises over 4 billion annually. On Saturday, April 20th, 17 teams and almost 200 people in Bollinger County met at Twin City Park in Marble Hill, to participate in the Relay for Life. Regency Management participated in the event with 16 employees, staff, family, and friends to make up the “Regency Gang.” Read More
  • Summer Fitness

    Summer Fitness

    According to the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U. S. An inactive lifestyle is a top risk factor for heart disease which means regular exercise can help lower the risk. The benefits of regular exercise include strengthening the heart, lowering blood pressure, improving muscle tone, and reducing body fat to reach a healthy weight. Most people need at least 30 minutes of exercise per day to receive health benefits. If 30 minutes of time is too difficult, divide the activity into three 10-minute sessions instead. In addition to providing fitness equipment at work, VIP also makes sure to include a variety of fitness activities as part of the Off-Site Day Habilitation (OSDH) program. Summer is the perfect time to go outside as there are so many activities from which to choose. Three of the more popular OSDH fitness events include swimming, going to the gym, and visiting local parks. Read More
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Friday, May 26, 2017

Employment & Much More

Through employment, vocational training, advocacy, supported living, transitioning services, and recreation, VIP Industries and its affiliate programs have improved the lives of hundreds of individuals and their families, as well as enhanced the community’s understanding about individuals with developmental disabilities.

One of the many programs made available to employees at VIP is Off-Site Day Habilitation (OSDH). Through OSDH, employees are given opportunities to experience things they may not otherwise get to experience. For example, one new OSDH activity that has been added to the calendar is a quilting class.

For many, it was a new experience, while for one employee, Jill, this event allowed her the opportunity to get back into the craft.

“It’s something I really want to do,” she said.

Adding new events has been the goal for the past several months, as staff felt the need to offer more activities that enable the employees to use their minds and express their creativity more. Some of the other new events include making bird houses and a cake decorating class.

“Adding something new is always good,” said Jesse, an OSDH staff member.

Of course, several of the “old favorites” remain as options for the employees including bowling, painting pottery, line dancing and bingo. In addition to daytime events, night and weekend activities are also offered, such as going to the movies, girl’s and boy’s nights out, and taking trips to the St. Louis Zoo, Grant’s Farm, and Six Flags St. Louis. One favorite yearly event is a Christmas shopping trip to St. Louis.

Many employees enjoy the night and weekend offerings, as they enjoy working at the workshop and earning a paycheck, and don’t want to sacrifice a day away from work. Having the options of day, evening and weekend events gives employees the option of when they want to participate in the social events.

While not every OSDH event is the same, each one has the same goals: to help the employees develop social skills, learn new tasks, express creativity, and be healthy and fit.

“I think everyone gets something different from it,” Jesse said, adding that some may have opportunities outside of work to experience things in the community, but others do not.

A Day of Pottery and Fitness

Each month employees are given a list of activities to sign up for which ones they would like to participate in the following month.

One recent OSDH day activity offered to the employees consisted of painting pottery and working out at Main Street Fitness. Employees are given a list of activities each month to sign up for what they would like to participate in the following month.

The event started with a small number of employees checking in with the two assigned staff members. Everyone had smiles on their faces and was ready to get started.

The first stop was Creative Ewe, a pottery painting business, in Cape.

Once there, the employees knew just what to do. All the members of this group had been at the business before. A wall filled with shelves of pottery awaited the group, as they each were able to pick a piece they would paint. Next, they were able to choose up to four colors of paint to paint their selection. Pieces the group chose ranged from banks to bowls to animal figurines.

One of the day’s participants, Steve, chose a bank that was in the shape of a train. He rarely misses a pottery event, as he enjoys the opportunity to paint pieces for other people. He has given many away as gifts as well as even donated some to Teen Challenge.latreesa_web

When they are done painting, the pieces are glazed at the store. Because of the process it takes to glaze them, the employees can’t take their pottery with them right away. Instead, since the event is scheduled two times a month, the pieces are picked up on the next trip to the business.

After lunch, which was held at a local church, the group headed to Main Street Fitness in Jackson. On the way, the group had the opportunity to talk about various topics from parks to camping to the latest pop stars.

exercise_webWhile at Main Street Fitness, the group met up with employees from the Marble Hill plant, allowing them time to interact with each other. They all headed to a fitness class, led by two staff members of Main Street Fitness, and participated in various stretching exercises. After the 30-minute session, the group hit the indoor track where each had a goal of walking a mile.

After walking, the group ended its workout with a cool down.

For many, having the opportunity to interact with employees from the other plants is a highlight of these events. The only other times employees from the various plants get to spend time with each other are at holiday parties.

“I like hanging out with people from Jackson and Marble Hill,” said Jill, a Cape workshop employee.

Jill also enjoys OSDH events because it gives her an option of participating in activities that her friends wouldn’t want to do.

At the end of their adventurous day, the employees returned to VIP to meet up with their friends and co-workers, as they load up on the vans and head home.

Ready to Work with a Smile

When asking the employees what they like best about their jobs, the majority of them will answer that they like working with their friends.

“I like working here. It’s a great place to work,” said Mary Jane, a 40 year veteran of VIP.

While the employees enjoy the opportunity to venture into the community and participate in a variety of activities, they also enjoy their jobs at the workshop where they can be around their peers and gain a sense of accomplishment from the projects they work on. While some of the employees enjoy the consistency of doing the same job every day, others enjoy the variety of tasks they get to tackle.

Our services are designed to maximize choice and support people as they build quality lives within our community and as our neighbors.

If you are a business who needs quality packaging, warehousing, or distribution, with work performed in a timely manner by hard working individuals, give us a call at 334-9661.

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