Friday, May 26, 2017



The Association for persons with Intellectual Disabilities (AID) provides a variety of services to help families and individuals cope with the practical and psychological aspects of developmental disabilities. Some of the services we provide are:


Budgeting– A monthly maintenance program is provided for those individuals who are unable to manage their money. 

Case Management

Emergency Food & Shelter

Health Screenings (dental mobile unit, flu shots)

Legislation– We work with legislation requiring health insurance carriers to continue coverage of dependents with developmental disabilities over the age of 19 at no increase in premium. AID is also responsible for legislation requiring P.K.U. testing before a newborn is dismissed from the hospital, and they encourage Rubella immunization.

– AID plans mini-vacations throughout the year for adults with I/DD. Packaged tours have been made to Six Flags, Opryland, Florida, and even the World’s Fair.latreesa_web

Recreation– A variety of programs are offered which provide opportunities for social interaction and development of leisure skills. An afternoon and evening program of recreational activities are offered to workshop employees. The programs include social activities such as bowling, dances, special parties, picnics, museums, and trips to other places of interest.

Referral Services – AID refers parents to qualified diagnostic services, including genetic counseling and counseling on program needs for their handicapped child.

Social Services– AID provides Social Services personnel, who assist in helping persons with developmental disabilities obtain services which include referrals to the Social Security Administration, Missouri Division of Family Services, and Vocational Rehabilitation. Services are also provided to secure adequate living arrangements, personal counseling, and ambulatory aids, including wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches.steve_web

Supported Employment

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