Friday, May 26, 2017

About Regency


Regency Management provides housing facilities, programs and services specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. Our purpose is to meet their physical, social, and psychological needs, and to promote their health, security, and happiness. Regency apartments enable adults with disabilities the ability to enjoy the independence of having a home of their own, located near family and friends. The charges for such facilities and services to be predicated upon the provision, maintenance, and operation thereof on a not-for-profit basis.100_1432_web

It is a supported living program which provides support to primarily independent persons with the help of case management and home living skills. The goal is to promote their independence and self-reliance; therefore, staff members are present at the facility on a planned basis to offer assistance and support.

Support staff are available to assist with cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and personal hygiene. Depending on the personal needs of the individual, some staff members also teach skills in cooking, nutrition, and money management.

In addition, residents are encouraged to create friendships by participating in community activities, both in and out of the residence. Staff members plan monthly activities in the community room for the residents, such as game nights, arts and crafts, exercise activities, reading groups, and movie nights.

Residents are allowed to furnish and decorate their apartments, making their homes more comfortable, functional, and personal.

If you or a family member are interested in moving to a semi-independent housing facility, contact us! We can also assist you in navigating the necessary paperwork required by DMH or other state requirements.

Read some of the comments below from our residents and parents:

"I think Regency has given him the maximum degree of independence he could have had." --Bill Guth

"Her world was limited to where we went and our friends. Her world is bigger now." --Janet Lakner

"The big CI [Community Integration] events I am looking forward to, like the shopping trips and the zoo." --Jill, employee and resident

"He likes the trips and the ballgames." --Glenneta Vogelsang

"I like the CI [Community Integration]. Eating out is my favorite." --Cheryl, employee and resident

"I like bowling." --Patsy, employee and resident

"She's so proud of her place, a place she calls home." --Linda Mahy

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