Friday, May 26, 2017


1. What is a Regency Apartment? Regency Management is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation formed to provide subsidized semi-independent housing for persons with  developmental disabilities, a physical handicap, and/or the aged. This type of housing allows the person independence along with the help of case management and support staff to assist in areas such as home living skills, cooking, cleaning, shopping, medication, administration, personal assistance, community involvement, medical appointments, and recreational activities.

2. Who may apply? Anyone over the age of 18 who has a mental, developmental, or physical handicap, and anyone in the elderly population who has the capability of living in a semi-independent living environment.

3. Where can I fill out a tenant application? Regency Management, Inc. is housed in the VIP Industries Building. The paperwork takes about two hours to complete. You will need to bring with you a photo ID, Social Security Card, diagnosis of handicap, list of medicines and doctors, proof of all income, and the amount paid out of pocket to all medical professionals. Click the Contact Us link for more information.

4. What is Regency Management? Besides providing management for the Regency Apartments, Regency Management also provides training and support for tenants in the areas of home living skills, counseling, community integration, and recreation.

5. What is the typical square footage of a Regency Apartment? A typical unit is approximately 500 square feet. It contains one bedroom, living room, dining room, and full bath.

6. What utilities are included? Water, electricity, and trash are included in the rental price.

7. Do the apartments come furnished? All of our apartments are unfurnished and come supplied with only a refrigerator and stove.

8. Do you provide cable TV? Cable is accessible, however, it is not included in the rent.

9. What is the monthly rental fee for a Regency apartment? Regency apartments are subsidized through HUD. The rental price varies with each person, but is typically 30% of the individual’s total income.

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