Friday, May 26, 2017


"Chris really likes living in his own apartment. All of the staff involved in Chris' life are great. He likes to tease and joke around with them. Chris also enjoys his job at VIP. The workshop provides a good place for him vocationally and socially. He has been working on the shredding crew since it started up. Chris really enjoys the physical labor, and being a part of that team. Sports are another large aspect of Chris' life. Since moving to Cape he has been able to participate in basketball, softball, bowling, and Special Olympics. He plays on teams with others from his apartment building. They have done an outstanding job, and won quite a few medals at the State competitions. Chris also loves the annual Friday evening bowling league each summer. It is my opinion that Chris' move to Cape was one of the best decisions of his life. He is very happy with his life, enjoying the freedom and independence he has living at Regency House of Cape, and working at VIP."

"My son Anthony is now 25 years old. We have had an uphill battle since birth. For the first two years of his life, he spent most of them in the hospital, and after almost losing him, he was then sent home on oxygen for another year. After my daughter was born, we continued at home, but by the time she was around four years of age, Anthony started showing signs of some aggression. At that time I took him to Sikeston Regional Center where a doctor told me it was time to make a choice, find placement for Anthony or my daughter's safety. Being one of the hardest decisions I have ever made, I allowed Anthony to be placed, first in the Regional Center Group Home, then in a foster home for the Regional Center. Both of these facilities were about 45 miles from our home and I felt too far away. It was not a good situation for Anthony or our family, but we managed to get along, until about six years ago when the lady who had the home decided not to care for Anthony anymore. At that time, I was told my only option was to allow him to be placed in a home in East Prairie, which would take him even farther away from myself and our family. I felt there had to be another option. Being at my wits ends, I decided to walk into the VIP plant in Fruitland and find out what their program was and if there was any chance of them helping Anthony. I had considered bringing him to our home, since my daughter was older and his behavior seemed so improved and thought this might be a place he could spend the day so I could continue to work. Well, this became the best day of our lives. The people at the plant were very helpful and showed me their facility and told me not only was there employment opportunity but there was housing as well. All this time, it was right in my own backyard. Today, Anthony is living as independent as possible with little risk to his safety. He has a homemaker to help with his everyday needs and has a fulfilling job at the workshop. His transportation is provided, medical needs are followed as needed and he has made his own friends to interact with. They get the chance to bowl in a league, shop at the mall, see movies, and other community things that otherwise would no be available to him. Every year they have a Halloween party, Christmas party, and company picnic. The Valentine Dance is the social event of the year, everyone dresses up and they choose a king and queen among their peers. Anytime we have any questions with care or paperwork, all I have to do is call the case manager and they help take care of the problem. To date, Anthony has surpassed, not only my dreams and expectations for him but has not only life, but also a life he is proud of."rhj2_web

"I would like to let you know how much I appreciate all that you and the staff have done for Cheryl in giving her an opportunity at independent living and working at VIP.
She has adjusted well to living by herself, with the help of caring staff and homemakers. She takes pride in her apartment and accepts it as her home. Cheryl and the other clients in the apartments have a healthy attitude toward one another. The monthly evening meal together is a big plus.
Also, whenever I have contacted you or other staff members with a question or problem, I am greeted pleasantly and with professionalism. That gives me a very good feeling, and I know that everything is in good hands!"

"Their efforts to make the process go smoothly were outstanding. We especially appreciate their willingness to accommodate our work schedules by meeting after normal work hours to answer questions and complete paperwork. These individuals handled the process so professionally and were willing to answer all questions thoroughly and with great patience.
We are very pleased with the facility and care Dennis is being given. He seems to be making the adjustment nicely. Our gratitude cannot be appropriately expressed, but we want to say thank you to everyone."

IMG_6149"He has always enjoyed going to work and participating in events the VIP staff plan for the clients. Dennis takes great pride in what he does and loves to tell us about his work at VIP Industries. Outside of work, Dennis is always on the go through Community Integration and activities planned by the staff. He has gone camping, bowls regularly, line dances, attends holiday parties and dinners, goes shopping, was in the Christmas production "Scrooge," has gone to St. Louis for activities on numerous occasions, and participates in many other CI events. We believe it is in Dennis' best interest to be active, as does the staff, rather than to just sit at home. If you knew Dennis you would know how he feels the same because he is always ready for the next adventure or activity. We know he is in a protected and cared for environment; whether at work, on a community integration activity, or relaxing in his home at Regency Terrace. The family often jokes that Dennis goes to more places and participates in more activities than we do. We love and are so grateful to Cape's VIP and Regency Terrace family for all they do and the care they give Dennis and all their clients." 

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