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Planned Giving

We are happy to discuss with you options for supporting us through major gifts, or estate and tax planning techniques that provide for your heirs or VIP Industries in ways that maximize your gift and/or minimize the impact on your estate.

What is planned giving? 

Forbes describes it as: "Planned gifts take a number of forms. There are outright gifts of assets such as appreciated securities or artwork. Other types of planned gifts provide a financial benefit on top of tax deductions for donors. 

Charitable remainder trusts provide an income stream for individuals, and at the death of the donor, the charity receives what is left in the trust. A charitable lead trust, produces a stream funds for a charity, and at the death of the donor, the donor's heirs receive what remains in the trust. Some planned gifts are payable upon the donor's death such as a life insurance policy."

There are many options and we are happy to share with you our knowledge and experience when considering how to assist your loved one after your passing. 

Contract Work

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