Sheltered Employment

A sheltered workshop operates much like other assembly or production shops, except that all of the employees are adults with developmental disabilities who are unable to maintain regular employment in the community. Sheltered workshops provide a safe environment for these individuals to work, interact with their peers and gain a sense of accomplishment.

We operate sheltered workshops in Cape Girardeau, Fruitland, and Marble Hill Missouri. Free transportation to and from work is offered to all of the employees of the workshops.

Assembly Work

The most common types of jobs are assembly and packaging, poly bagging, janitorial, and warehousing tasks. 

Prior to being hired for employment in the workshop, individuals are assessed by the Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to determine whether or not they are capable of working in 'competitive employment'  and if the workshop is an appropriate occupation for the individual.


Most of the jobs we have available require a variety of skill levels and abilities. Each person is evaluated on an individual basis and paid a wage based on their ability to produce. Pay scales are set by the US Department of Labor and our workers are evaluated multiple times annually to determine their specific earning rate. 

From sorting, packaging or assembly work to auto repair, lawn care, and janitorial services; each individual is assessed via a time study for each type of job and is paid at or above the rate set by the Department of Labor.

Additional Services