Our Mission:

The mission of VIP Industries is to provide work experience for persons with developmental disabilities.


We believe in the value of work! Besides earning funds to support oneself, work is integral to providing purpose in our lives. Everyone has different skills, talents, knowledge and attributes. Work is an outlet for us to exhibit our gifts, skills and talents productively. 

The satisfaction gained from a job well done, recognition for the effort invested and the social interaction gained through teamwork all promote continued development while enhancing individual responsibility.

The VIP Family:

50 years of service and togetherness.

2017 marks 50 years of the Sheltered Workshop and VIP Industries in Cape Girardeau County. 


If you are the parent or guardian of an adult with developmental disabilities that is interested in obtaining employment for him/her, please contact us! We are happy to assist you in identifying the right employment fit, whether that is in the Workshop or in the community. 

Here's what some of our employees and parents/guardians of employees have to say about working at VIP Industries:

"I'm just pleased that she's here and people understand what she's capable of and able to use her skills."
--Judy Hanschen

"April has become a more responsible person and confident. She's very proud to work at VIP and tells everyone about her job." --Janet Fortenberry

"He looks forward to getting up every day and coming to work." --

"Working at VIP means everything. It gives us a feeling of satisfaction that she has a place to go."
--Ruth Ansberry

"It's a good place to work, especially in these economic times when it's really hard to find work." --Jill, employee

"I like doing this job. It's kind of fun. I like it all." --Cindy, employee

"He just loves VIP and we are thankful." --Yvette West

"I like working here." --Michael, employee

"She has a day like everyone else now." --Janet Lakner

"I like working here. It's a great place to work." --Mary Jane, employee

Nancy's Story

Nancy Sander was one of the first employees of the Cape Girardeau Sheltered Workshop. Her story is that of the workshop and is like so many others that have been employed at VIP.

Year in Review

This video from 2015 captures a typical year for us. Beyond the work that we do, it is all about the lives we lead.